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I’m the type of person who loves the power of story. I love the magic that happens when an audience is captured by a well-written story and brought to the edge of a theatre seat.

Mockingjay Part 2

No one I know is entertained when those close to them die. No one I know would desire to put their own life on the line for another, simply out of pleasure. This is the kind of plot we try to journey around in life. This is the kind of plot we try to avoid in our nonfiction lives....But why?

Wait For It

As far from culture as it may seem, it is worth considering the option that pursuing our relationship with Jesus like we pursue almost everything else is contrary to what this sacred relationship should look like.

Beau•ty noun

A flower swayed in a field, beautiful in its own solitude.  A blue sky, void of clouds curved smoothly above.  Moist dirt embedded its stem, encasing nutrients that would keep it alive for today and into tomorrow.