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Try 20:24

Try 20:24

So often we try and fail.

It’s a trend I often see in myself as well as in those around me.  Many times these are minor incidents that just didn’t go as we had planned.  We dub them “failures” and move on.

Even more often than trying and failing, I see a much stronger trend in failing to try.  We have “failed” so many times we are afraid of failing again…or maybe we’re not afraid of failing, just afraid of the consequences of that failure. This can be a healthy fear.  A fear that keeps us in check and allows us to progress in areas that need to be accomplished with care.

However as far as I’m concerned, many times I experience fear of failure as an unhealthy, driving force that leads me into a place of weakened ambition where I’m left using nothing but my simple “what if” questions as my defense.  To me, failing to try is a failure in itself.

On the other hand, many times what is seen as success is a failure.

Success is not only defined as living the American dream. Success is not just doing a bunch of stuff and checking off a to-do list. These things are important, good even. But for me, until I grounded my goals in truth, until my purpose was correctly defined, I viewed a lack in measuring up to my goals as failure.

What I do — my success —  in a way, defines me.  But beyond this, I am defined by what has already been done by Jesus.

My success or failure does not only depend on what I accomplish in life (though what I do has a great impact on others, as well as myself, and most importantly, the Kingdom of God).  Jesus has already covered me.  I am already defined by the King.  My desire is to know Jesus and share His love as I bring glory to the God who created and saved me.  The amazing thing about this is that I can do this through my failings, through my successes.  I can point to Jesus even through my everyday failings.

This gives a sudden purpose to what may be a current circumstance of failure or regret.  Through it all I can point to Jesus. It is never failing to point to the One who is greater than myself.

Success, I found, is not just in accomplishment, but by daily working towards one life-encompassing purpose…the task Jesus has set before everyone who follows Him.

Until I gave up trying to meet the world’s standards of success I was always failing.  Once I started letting God work in me to complete what He considers important, I began to experience true success.  I started setting my number one goal, desire, and ambition to aline with God’s, and while I don’t always succeed at this, every step leads towards the goal.

Failure can now be seen as progress.

I began ingraining Acts 20:24 in my life…and focusing on pursuing God rather than worldly success…

Surprise surprise? It worked! *Like following God tends to do.* It’s always worth it to pursue God first.

Try living out Acts 20:24…it’s life changing.

“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.”

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