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The Momentum Phenomenon

The Momentum Phenomenon

Momentum is an interesting phenomenon. At times I know that I have a good deal of it. When I’m driving on the highway it’s obvious and presents itself through inertia. When I’m out on a run I am very aware of how difficult it sometimes is to keep my momentum going. And still other times, when I’m skiing down a black diamond hill, or skimming over Lake Michigan in our boat, or in the middle of a crowd of dancing people in the city, I’m unaware of the momentum surrounding me. 

It is simply an aspect of my life at that moment.

However, if I had no momentum skiing downhill I would be unable to ski. If my boat had no momentum it would not skim over Lake Michigan, but sit idly in the shore station. If the people around me dancing had no momentum they would no longer be dancers, but spectators. 

As I think about momentum in these aspects of life it draws me to the spiritual. 

Over Christmas break, among the festivities, I’ve been listening to a lot of sermons and reading a lot of books. The latest talk I heard was by Christine Caine and called “Stand Alone.” (If you have not heard of her don’t miss out! Search the A21 Campaign, Propel Women, Passion Conferences, or even just google her name — it’s worth it!) 

In this talk Chris focused a small facet of her time on what Jesus has allowed her to do, not with her career, but with her “calling.” The momentum He has given her. Sleeping up to 300 of the 365 nights of the year in a hotel room due to speaking engagements, she is a ferocious follower of Jesus Christ.  The secret? Her momentum is from Jesus. She loves getting into the Bible, searching it out, and spending time. Doing so as early as four in the morning. Radical you say? 

Perhaps. But I can’t help wondering if she knows more about Jesus Christ than we do. Not because she desired to get up at 4am to read the Bible at first, but because she spent time in the Bible. Enough time so that she ended up finding more of Jesus there. Now she knows Him so well she can’t stop hanging out with Him through Bible reading and prayer. 

Most healthy relationships are like this. The more we know and enjoy a person, the more we will spend time with them. If this means we are FaceTiming at 2am and class starts at eight the next morning, who cares? After all, I care about this person! we may say. 

And yet with Jesus, we call it radical, overkill, or super spiritual.  

What I have found the truth of more and more this semester is that pursuing Jesus Christ with momentum is vital to every other aspect of life. 

God has taken me down many different paths the past three years. Many of these were paths I never saw coming, never anticipated, and that were sprung on me. The one thing that kept me focused was trying daily to pursue God first, rather than the changing circumstances around me. 

This momentum has been slowly built over years of time, and still is something I work on daily. However, it pays to have my momentum coming from Jesus Christ rather than circumstances! 

I write this for myself as much as for anyone who happens to read this post.

Pursuing education, work, and relationships are all good things. But what I’ve learned is to pursue them in moderation in relation to the pursuit of Jesus Christ. 

Please hear me when I say I do my absolute best to study hard, work hard, and pursue the relationships around me with tenacity. However, the second I stake my future on my pursuit of activity rather than relationship with Jesus Christ is the minute I know my momentum has been wrongly placed.

Momentum is an interesting phenomenon… At times I know that I have a good deal of it. And at other times, I know I need to refocus it, put it all into pursuing Jesus Christ yet again, and rely on Him for the strength to do it. 


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