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Human Interaction and Crab Fishing

Human Interaction and Crab Fishing

I was watching an interview with Jennifer Lawrence awhile back and remember her saying she disliked when people were so glazed over with what she does they didn't look her in the eye and acknowledge her for her -- a human (who loves Doritos, apparently!). 

Let's face it. We're all humans. Made in the image of God. Some with more of a proclivity to enjoy chips (or cookie dough *cough*) than others...but made in the image of God just the same! :) 

I always want my heart to be bigger than my head.

I have so much respect for people who have accomplished great things in their career, are "big names" now and could really have anything material they want...but still take time to have simple conversations with everyday people. 

I could name off a LOT of people who've done great things in the world and don't need to associate with anyone they don't want to -- but CHOOSE to associate with most anyone. Not just the elite.

I could name off a LOT of people who have impacted the world and DON'T choose to associate with those they don't want to. Maybe they ignore the barista and see him as simply someone serving coffee (that better be served right!). Maybe they ignore or belittle the "lesser then" who tries to strike up a conversation. 

Maybe they just don't take time to notice. 

I was listening to a guy named Simon Sinek for a homework assignment (back in the college scene!) and one thing he said really stuck out to me. It was a business talk but toward the end he told a story about a man who was trying to secure a crab pod before coming in for the night. A huge wave swept him overboard into the Bering Sea.

Apparently if you fall out you only have a minute or so to live the sea is so cold. Other men (strangers to him) saved his life. They pulled him into their boat, stripped him of his freezing clothes and wrapped him in blankets. 

Then the captain of the boat came down and engulfed him in a tight hug. Again, they're strangers to each other. 

And I thought girls were the huggers...

But what happened?

Sinek simply calls it "human interaction." There's something deeper here though that caught my eye. "They get it. They're one and the same," Sinek says. 

Yes, they are. They are all made in the image of God, just like you and I are. Human interaction is what draws us to stories...movies...books, you name it. I mean, we walk away talking about the characters, right?

Character interaction is what makes stories great. Castaway shows the struggle of NOT having human interaction. Hunger Games outlines the need to have others for survival. I'm sure you could think of numerous examples. 

But what's the greatest human interaction? Well, it's written about in a book as well. 

It talks about a man who showed the ultimate human interaction by dying to save humanity. Wow. I'd read that story. And I do. 

Nearly everyday. 

Because sometimes (very often!) I need reminded of the extreme value humans have. Honestly, when I see a barista I don't always see a potential son or daughter of Jesus Christ. I don't always look at my professors and think "Wow, God's image is stamped on them!" 

My head sometimes is bigger than my heart. I'm in college. I'm supposed to fill my head with knowledge. But I can't forget about my heart. 

I never want to ignore or belittle someone simply because they aren't in the same social circle or on the same rung of the ladder as I am. I never want to be met with that glazed over, slightly crazed look Jennifer Lawrence says fans give her. 

I want to meet others in their humanity just as I want to be met in my humanity. 

I want human interaction because I'm called to it. Because I'm an image bearer of Jesus Christ and want to love people the way he does. That calls for person-to-person, face-to-face, we-might-get-dirty types of interaction. 

I may never save a guy's life as he nearly drowns trying to make a living at sea...but I can acknowledge those around me. My family and friends. My classmates. My profs. Strangers. The "elite" and accomplished. All need treated in their humanity. Everyone needs shown the love of Jesus Christ. Everyone needs reached...even in their messy, sometimes uncomfortable, but priceless humanity. 

Alright! Those are some of my post-homework thoughts. What are yours? What are your favorite movies that demonstrate human interaction in a tangible way? I'd love to hear! 

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