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Netflix and WHOA

Netflix and WHOA

Up the hill a dog won't stop barking.

The grass is deep green. Yellow flowers break the color like sprinkles. Down a sloping hill a quiet lake sits. He walks toward home. But he's come a long way since walking out his front door years earlier. He's known globally. 

Enter Bjarke Ingels.

He creates buildings most people could never build in their dreams.

bi sarah.jpg

He started with his buddies, building
cheap architecture
that looks

A skate park built on top of storage. (Sound cool? Now he's created a snow mountain on top of a power plant, and it's safe.)

He's known around the world for his creative design and unique way of seeing things. He has built in Taiwan, NYC, Copenhagen, and countless other places, but his talent isn't met without criticism. 

"If you go beyond indifferent you will awaken a response at both extremes." 

Kanye West stands on top of a box-like stage, countless screaming fans fill the venue. Images of a shark fill the sides of the box.
He is the image of
yet also

He stands above everyone, above the crowd, the noise. The very center of attention and the visual of power. But he is also alone. At any minute he could fall. Nothing stands between him and the drop. 

A paradox of power and vulnerability. 

Enter Es Devlin, who is said to be Kanye's favorite set designer. She has designed tiny theater stages and transformed them through a wall of rain or specifically placed mirrors. She has also designed some of the largest sets for artists known today.

Kanye West. Jay-Z. Adele. To name a few.

adele sarah.jpg

Yet she starts with a simple piece of
white paper
and a pair of scissors.

Out of those come what you see on every media platform around.

Es says

"The choices you make in how you allocate any minute of the day are a reflection of your expectations of what you’re going to [achieve] – and I think my expectations are quite high.”

So other than Abstract arguably being one of the most engaging shows on Netflix right now, what's any of this have to do with us? 

"You sort of DO need to start without light to find it."

That quote of hers helped me begin my third book.

I started with a piece of white paper on my computer screen and 26 little letters beneath my fingers. 


Take this as encouragement if you can, but Bjarke said (in an AMAZING accent nonetheless!),

"No one will trust you to build a building until you've already built a building."

In essence, dream all you want but until you put ACTION into those dreams they'll just be floppy nuisances taking up your time.

Start with that piece of paper. Or a...

  • point and shoot camera

  • 30 day free subscription

  • library book on the topic you love

  • _____whatever it is____

Maybe you won't be an Es Devlin or a Bjarke Ingels. Maybe you will. We all start with 24 hours in a day, after all.

It's what we do in those hours that transports us from
to achiever.

"The way you realize your wildest dreams is one step at a time."


What dreams are you working toward? What steps are you taking? I'm always inspired hearing what others are working towards!


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