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"Nothing to Prove" Jennie Allen

"Nothing to Prove" Jennie Allen

If I were your enemy, this is what I would do:
Make you believe you need permission to lead.
Make you believe you are helpless.
Make you believe you are insignificant.
Make you believe that God wants your decorum and behavior.

Truth Thursday! 

Some friends and I recently picked up the book "Nothing to Prove" and this quote from Jennie Allen is all the confetti and sprinkles. Seriously though...

How often do we just want to put our head in our hands and stop listening to all the voices vying for our attention?

How often do we believe we need permission before we lead from a platform we're already standing on?
How often do we think we can't do "that" because we feel limited in some way?
How often do we check our Instagrams and Twitters hoping likes and followers will add significance to our lives?

And perhaps the most scary... how often do we approach God under false pretense, pretending to be someone he knows we aren't? 

Honesty can take us so far if we let it. Often we don't. I know I don't. 

It takes work to come to God and say, "I'm having the worst day ever. I don't get what you're doing. I don't really want to. Help me trust."

He already knows all of it, it just takes a level of boldness on our part to voice what's already true. 

And on that would our lives change if we lived like we actually believed what we know?

God says we are:

His friend. John 15:15
Chosen. 1 Thessalonians 1:4
His workmanship, art, handmade, purposed, fashioned.
His temple. 1 Corinthians 6:19
His messengers. Acts 1:8
His child. Galatians 3:26
Greatly loved. Romans 5:8
Free. John 8:36
Brand new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

Why listen to the enemy when literally recorded on our birth certificate of salvation, for generations, written in ink with millions of copies sold, is the real truth of who we are and what we are empowered to do? 

We don't have to believe we need permission to lead. 
We don't need to live like we're helpless.
We are FAR from insignificant. 

And God says to approach him with CONFIDENCE, not decorum. 

How we let ourselves be identified is huge, but more importantly is how we choose to identify ourselves. Who we listen to, what we read, what we look at, has a major part in infiltrating what we think of ourselves. 

Anyone ever left a TV show, social media, or even a highway full of billboards, feeling inadequate? You're not alone. 

That's why as leaders we have to shove truth into every facet of our lives.

It takes a conscious effort and sometimes feels like way more work than just believing the lies. But in order to be bold we have to know who we are...and who we are starts with understanding who God is.

More on this coming in my new book Reclaiming Eden. That will be dropping soon! But that's it for today! See you all on Monday! 


If any of you are looking for an easy way to get some extra truth in your lives, take a listen to this piece from Hosanna Poetry. Super real, super raw, super inspiring. I'd love to hear what you think! 


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