Welcome to a brief overview of my writing journey! I started writing in 3rd grade and never quit. But I didn't turn "professional" until quite a few years later! If you are interested in inquiring about my writing simply go to my contact page or click here. I'll be in touch as soon as I can!


I co-blogged with a friend until someone from an online magazine (Gracious Life) noticed my work and asked me to write a series for her magazine. Deciding to branch out on my own I created my own website (with some help from my awesome brother, Josh Rexford) and categorized my writing: Speakers/Authors, Culture, Personal, and Writer's Toolbox. I have written for many years and some of this has included countless short stories, numerous blog posts, guest blogging, a screenplay for a short film, and a 100k word novel. My manuscript was critiqued by editor Andy Scheer, and agent Linda Glaz asked for me to send her my book proposal. In addition, I edit a lot of college student's papers. Being a college student myself, as well as a writer, I get sent a lot of papers and enjoy giving them a quick yet thorough edit.


Self Publishing School
A publishing and branding company, I converted interviews they conducted with different writers into blog posts. I loved working for this company as I get to learn from the interviews as well as grow as a writer.

IRIE Kitchen
IRIE is an authentic Jamaican restaurant I helped launch summer, 2017. Since, I have written content for their website as well as blog series on different dishes IRIE serves, as well as how to maintain your own personal diet when it comes to eating out.

International Aid (IA)
IA is a global disaster relief company. Currently I work as their Marketing Content Writer. I create all the written content for their blog, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), creating posts from true stories of aid they have brought to this impacted by disaster. 


As mentioned, I am a full-time student studying Strategic Communications. I love this major as it focuses on growing my strengths as well as rounding out these strengths in many different areas. I am learning about writing for media (film, TV, radio, social media), as well as writing in public relations, marketing, and speaking. Along with this, I have been learning from author Jerry Jenkins (Left Behind) and the training he has given me is priceless. With some guidance from him I edited my novel from 130k words to 100k, incorporating his teaching in order to maintain the same point of view per scene, the same voice per character, taking out needless words, expanding in dialogue, etc.

Current Work: 

As a creative I am always working on something. Whether it is writing for a company, website, or my own blog, or planning what I will be working on next, I love to stay busy. Right now I am working on my first non-fiction book as well as planning my second fiction book, and working to get my first book published.

Recognized Accomplishments:

I won second place in the Leona Hertel Short Story Writing Contest in 2015. I wrote a radio piece for Open Doors and it was aired in 2016.